Synthetic Spindle Oil - KF-Spin Series: KF-SPIN series oils are synthetic, low viscosity lubricants exhibiting Anti-wear, Anti-corrosive, Anti-foaming properties.
Features: Low volatility, Low co-efficient of friction, High oxidative stability, Significant increase in oil drain intervals.
Areas Of Application: Textile Ring frame spindles, TFO’S, Timing Gears Hydraulic system of high precision tools etc.

Adhesive Chain Lubricant: Adhesive Chain Lubricant is highly tenacious to water and high temperature, it provides maximum protection from wear due to twisting, bending, stretching, as well as protection from moisture, dust and corrosive environment. It drives deep into tight inaccessible areas with good penentration at low temperature and has good mechanical stability.
Area Of Application: Chains exposed to moisture, chains operating under dusty and dirty atmosphere, Hoist chain saws, conveyers, link and roller assemblies, wire ropes, levers and cables.

KF-48/68150/220/320/460 Series:
Synthetic Lubricant For Gear And Bearings: KF-150/220/320 series is a synthesized hydrocarbon lubricant with additives to provide enhanced oxidation stability, wear protection, corrosion protection and load carrying abilities at extreme pressure conditions, specifically developed for gears and bearings. It exhibits low traction co-efficient and high viscosity index. These properties combine ti give substancial reduction in power consumption, overall reduction in frictional losses, in turn lowering operating temperatures and extending parts life and lengthened lubricant life.

High Temperature Chain Oil: High Temperature Chain Oil is a synthetic lubricant with additives to provide enhanced oxidation stability, wear protection and corrosion protection. It leaves no residue and extends re-lubrication intervals.
These properties combine to give substantial reduction in power consumption, overall reduction in frictional losses, in turn lowering operating temperatures and extending parts life and lengthened lubricant life.
Area Of Application: Lubricating chains, wire ropes, stentor frames, conveyors in coramic file plants, conveyors in varnish curing plants etc.

Traction Lubricants - KF-TRAC: KF-TRAC is in excellent lubricant for variable speed, gearless drive systems, automotive and aerospace end uses and ir provides excellent power transmission at very hgh speeds. This specifically designed lubicant has exceptional heat and oxidative stability, which will significantly improve equipment performance and life. KF-TRAC has a very high coefficient of traction and good thermal stability. It is a non-toxic , environmentally friendly product.
Area Of Application: Traction Drives, Rolling Contact bearing lubricants, Journal and sliding bearing lubricants, Gear Lubricants, Hydraulic fluids, Automation KF-TRAC series is available in different viscosity grades.

Rust Prevention Oil: Rust preventive oil is used on ferrous and non-ferrous metal for protecting it from corrosion, which has good adherence to the metal surface, good water repellency and can be easily removed by a degreaser for further treatment or coating.
Directions For Use: Component to be protected can be dipped or the oil can be sprayed, by using an air spray gun. Ensure that the components is thoroughly coated.
Area Of Application: For protection of machines, tools, spares, automotive parts during Storage and transport. Suitable for protection of equipment installed in marine or Corrosive environment like Offshore Platform, Chemical Factories, Shipyard, Alloying and Plating Industry, M.S. Roller pins and Bearings.
Note: These oil’s can be custom formulated to meet various customer specification.

1. High viscosity index and low volatility, provides an effective lubricant film under condition of     high temperature and high stress
2. Low temperature properties permits startup at sub zero temperatures
3. The high level of thermal stability make extended service a feasible benefit
4. Compatibility with conventional sealants and paints
5. Low vapour pressure, Low volatility and High Flash point.

Synthetic Gear Oil, Synthetic Bearing Oil KF-P100/ P150/P220/P320/P460
KF-P Series gear oils are high performance, highly efficient, fully synthetic, polyalkylene glycol PAG Gear lubricant developed for use under operating conditions beyond the capabilities of other synthetic and mineral oils. It incorporates a proprietary additive package designed to provide EP/anti-wear protection, corrosion and rust protection and foam resistance without detracting from the intrinsic attributes of the polyglycol base oils. It also provides excellent lubricity and low traction to decrease gearbox friction, resulting in increased efficiency and reduced bulk oil temperature. KF-P Series oils have outstanding thermal and oxidation stability that reduces sludge formation and deposit buildup. It is compatible with most seals and gaskets, but not with mineral oils.

A Synthetic lubricant with low internal friction, low starting resistance and does not form any sludge. It is ideal for high speed roller bearings. It can be used in operating conditions, where the ambient temperature is very low.

KF-COM 2000 Series Synthetic Hydrocarbon based compressor lubricant specifically designed to provide long term lubrication in Air and process gas compressors.

1. Fewer oil changes
2. Lower oil consumption
3. Reduces compressor maintenance
4. Eliminates lacquering (varnish) and deposits
5. Greatly reduces fire and explosion hazard
6. Reduces energy consumption
7. Separates water condensate rapidly

For cylinder and frame lubrication of reciprocating compressors Vacuum Pumps and Screw compressors


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