It is a multipurpose maintenance product that not only disintegrates rust but also lubricates moving surfaces. It penetrates loosens seized assemblies, prevents friction noise and lubricates mechanical parts. It produces a highly water resistant film and provides long term corrosion protection. Hence it is ideal for breakdown and maintenance services. When the metallic part is sprayed with multifunctional fluid, its active ingredients attack the point where the rust and metal are bound together and consequently eliminate rust from the surface. If the surface is heavily rusted, leave it for a longer period for it to penetrate and act. Does not work on thermally welded nut & bolts.

Area of Application

Loosening jammed nuts, bolts, fittings, valves and to eliminate friction noise. It can also be used for cleaning rust, tar and carbon. storage and transport. Suitable for protection of equipment installed in Marine or Corrosive environment like Offshore Platform, Chemical Factories, shipyard, Alloying and Plating Industry, M.S. Roller pins, Bearings, Gear and Gear boxes.