Water Repellant Grease is a high quality grease based on high-refined low viscous sets-synthetic basic-oils permitting a high load in combination with a wide temperature-area. The product contains in addition to corrosion-preventing and water-repellant components also microscopic solid lubricating particles. These particles are inert, have a very low friction-coefficient and withstand very high pressures, thus preventing metal to metal contacts when the lubrication is not longer sufficient. The solid lubricating particles can be considered as a mild and non toxic EP-additive. The additive-package prevents optimal wear, corrosion and water-ingression.

Area of Application

On all places where a long-lasting and high quality lubrication with improved anti-fretting properties has to be guaranteed under most circumstances and (humid) environments, also at high speeds, in open and closed systems, like bearings, slide bearings, sliding contacts, chain cables, etc Guarantees a low starting torque even at low (-10°C) temperatures.